Friday, August 9, 2019

Sino Ang Maysala 09 August 2019

Pinoy Teleserye Sino Ang Maysala 09 August 2019 Full Epesode What a super twist when you are about to conclude to yourself another scene telling you that what you are thinking or concluding another twist comes out. My my it just show that corruptions are all over the world which means the rich always could get away from their crimes. But in the long run the truth will always come out. It is just a matter of time. Juris is always crazy as ever. She needs help and worst thing her real mother is blinded by her guilt. A psychotic always gets the worst and maybe she is the killer if her friend, Ok that's a story..the writer is just so unrealistic and inconsistent in the roles that the characters play. From wow ha! The baguio came out of the manila for the hearing and went again for the baguio. Do I have a hard time making money? Then c armand where does the money go? There is no work but there is a car in the pine and there is still a day to day cost. From what happened to lucio, Ok I don't agree that the montelibano's are doing bad things but Matilda's case about the death of amor is not intentional bad thing Matilda took the body and kept it in her freezer that's stupid! But for fina In real life she can't afford to sustain leyna's Medication and everything she doesn't even have a good job to take care of her and Noah! In real life she is fighting with rich and influential people so unreal and asked helpf to NBi all the time and hire lawyers! So meaning NBI just focusing her case only just her case only! This unbelievable story good thing is almost over!

Sino ang May Sala: Mea Culpa In real life, only one parent or parent is in the interest of their child. Beautiful and orderly future. Ready to sacrifice for good life and child. The other thing to do is adopt if you know you can not give a good future to the child because you know you can not afford to have a good life and a child's education. That's the pride of the parent, the child can complete the College, so they can have wings of their own to live their own life. Education is good, and we know that we want our child to complete college. In Fina in the current state of his life, he can not afford to give it especially and has a great need for his child's health condition, which he knows he can not. Now that we are like the OFWs, we need to leave the children sad, but because we want to give a bright future with our children and good education. for me selfish Fina. Drei, in particular, agrees to help her with the needs of Fina. Justice has he answered, why did he prove that Juris and Drei kidnapped his son? He saw her husband's love for her son and was well-nurtured. Did he tell you what had happened? If she really loves Leyna, she must first think of what she offers before she shouts the justice she wants. Montelebano has done many wrong with him yes. But to her son, nothing. So what's the bigger, the bright future of the child or his revenge.Source From Wikipedi TV Shows. Therefore, after you watching this 24 Oras Teleserye ang gaan-gaan ng pakiramdam natin So KILIG
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